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Humanely Euthanizing Wild Pigs

Use Caution: Approaching a Trap

Adult wild pigs are quite strong and can be aggressive, so exercise caution when approaching a trap. Approach the trap slowly and whenever possible from downwind to minimize animal excitement and stress. This strategy will also minimize trap damage.

Appropriate measures should be taken to minimize stress to the animal and insure that they are dispatched humanely. Pigs can be easily dispatched using a firearm chambered for .22 long rifle or larger calibers fired precisely into the brain cavity. The brain shot will insure a quick, humane death while minimizing the amount of blood left in the trap. A shot placed about 2 to 3 inches above an imaginary line directly between the eyes, or at the midpoint of an imaginary line between the eye and ear, will effectively penetrate the brain cavity. Be careful not to shoot pigs directly between the eyes as this area is the beginning of the nasal cavity.

Avoid Injury

If euthanizing wild pigs with a rifle, do not insert the rifle barrel through the side panels in an effort to avoid accidentally shooting the trap. Pigs commonly will charge and ram into the side of the trap trying to find a way out. If a pig happens to charge just before you shoot, it may strike the barrel of the firearm, with you on the other end of it. This could cause you or someone else a serious injury. Instead, either shoot through the fence or shoot down into the trap from an elevated position (for example, while standing on an ATV or in the bed of a pickup truck). Always observe proper firearm handling and safety precautions.